High Quality Suture Practice kit by MiniMediTec

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Suturing Training Kit
Material:Silicone + stainless steel
Easy to use.
Pouch for keep tools.
Perfect for teaching

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Suture Training Kit by MiniMediTec SHOP.

A Complete Suture Training Kit:

Designed for Medical Students, Doctors, Residents, and Registars.

Our complete Suture Kit is a great entry-level kit for anyone wanting to practice a variety of suturing techniques.


GREAT QUALITY SET: Strong, perfectly opposed toothed jaws on the Needle Driver for superior grip on the needle. Reliable ratchets that lock and unlock with ease. Comfortable finger loops ensure hours of pain-free practice.

STAINLESS STEEL: Strong, rust-proof instruments that will last for many years to come.

PERFECT FOR: practicing your suturing techniques and/or specimen dissection.

A Complete Suture Practice Kit.

Our complete Suture Kit is a great entry-level kit for anyone wanting to practice a variety of suturing techniques.

■Durable High-Quality Suture Pad.

The Silicon Suture pad feels very natural and doesn’t rip easily. It provides three layers to provide the best human tissue simulation possible: skin, fat, and muscle, to provide the best human tissue simulation possible. It comes with 14 wounds of 8 types and has sufficient space for additional cuts.

Good Suture Kit For Beginners.

There are multiple different types of incisions present on the Suture pad that allows you to practice different suturing techniques. and is extremely realistic in mimicking human flesh, preparing a student for a real-life scenario. usually the suture itself is shorter. Overall, great kit to practice your skills on!

An Excellent Tool To Teach Suturing: Perfect for teaching residents, med students how to suture. You get a decent assortment of suture material for practice. The artificial skin is pretty good for practice: It’s much better and cleaner/safer than raw chicken, pig feet etc.

■Easy To Carry: You can also easily carry your suture kit bag with you as it doesn’t take up much room and can easily squeeze into a bag or backpack. This allows you to practice on the go whenever you have some downtime, which is a huge plus. It allows for conveniently transporting the components in one, secure carrier and allows for the organization in the busy life of exams, studies, and teaching.

Silicone Suture Pad with pre- wounds. Easy to carry, free of odor, and can be used to practice everywhere.

Upgraded silicone pad has a hidden “mesh layer” between the skin layer and the fat layer, making the pad more durable and long lasting.

Designed to replicate the anatomical structure of human tissue including 3 layers: skin, fat and muscle, to provide the best human tissue simulation possible.

Perfect for practicing suture techniques and or for lab dissections.

It’s non-sterile and is not intended for personal care, or use on patients or animals.

Package Contents:

1×Suture practice pad

Size: 15 x 10 x 0.8CM
2×Nylon monofilament training thread

2×Silk braided training thread

2×Polypropylene Monofilament

2×Polyester Braided

3× Scalpel Blades


Needle Holder 5″
Adson Forceps 4.5″
Mosquito Forceps 5″
Iris Scissors 4.5″
Scalpel Knife Handle


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